Types of Gears

There are a multitude of different types of gears used in our everyday lives. These range from gears small enough to fit inside a delicate watch mechanism, to those that are bigger than an average family home. More technically known as a gear wheel, due to the shape of most […]

Gear Manufacture

During the process of manufacturing gears there are many different materials that are used. Their use is dependent on what kinds of design the gear is to be made to. Although steel is used in for high strength designs, the ease of making complicated shapes out of cast iron, makes […]

Gear Testing & Quality Assurance

The testing of a gear is an essential part of the process of providing quality, longer lasting gears. Using the excellent Klingelnberg CNC Gear checking machine, allows gear manufacturers to not only test the gears, it produces precision graphs to the NAMAS standard (National Accreditation of Measurement and Sampling). This […]

Gear Cutting

When you need a very specific kind of gear the services of a specialist gear cutting firm ensures a perfect fit every time. This kind of guarantee is essential when you need a broken piece of your machinery up and running as soon as possible. All the minutes lost through […]