Engineering Products

From our premises in Oldham we are able to manufacture a huge selection of gears and transmission products 3mm diameter, up to 3 metre diameter.

Have a look in our Gallery to see some of our work.

Some of the products we produce include:

  •    – Imperial Belts “L” “XL” “H” “XH” “XXH”
    – HTD “3M” “5M” “5MR” “S5M” “8M” “S8M” “8MGT” “14M” “14MGT” “20M”
    – Metric “T2.5” “T5” “T5 zerobacklash” “T10” “T10 zerobacklash ” “T20” “AT3″”AT5” “AT5 zerobacklash”
    “AT10” “AT20” “MINI PITCH”
  • Conveyor Sprockets cut to any pitch you require. With machine cut teeth for precision applications on our CNC machining centers, or flame cut teeth for semi precision applications.
  • › Rack and Pinions can be cut in any length and up to 10 mod pitch
  • Bevel Gears from 48 dp to 3 dp
  • › Gear Grinding and Spline Grinding up to 630 mm dia and 12 Mod pitch
    Internal Gears
  • Broaching Splines and serrations Straight Sided and Involute Splines, Milled, Broached, wired To DIN 5480, 5462, 5463, 5471 Or Ground 5472 and 5482 Serrations To DIN 5481

To find out about all the products we manufacture click the links on the right hand side of this page to read more about each one.