Worm Gears and Wheels

Worm gears and wheels are a method in industrial gearboxes of transmitting power through 90 degrees and slowing the ratio from any thing from 10:1 to 500:1

When a worm and wheel are in mesh in a gear box, you can easily turn the worm by hand, but you cannot turn the wheel. This is because the tooth depth is far greater in the wheel than the worm. This is of great importance in gear boxes as it can act as a brake for the motor.

Hopwood Gear can manufacture to drawing Worm gears and Worm wheels in any material.

We also offer a repair service on worm wheels due to the fact that the wormwheel is designed to wear and the worm shaft is designed to last. This is a service which many customers enjoy especially when the original gear box manufacturers are no longer in business!

We can manufacture a new wormwheel and you can get your gear box up and running good as new, without the expense of outlaying for an entire new gear box. Just send us all your broken parts and we will do the rest!

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