Broaching – professional broaching services

Broaching is a machining operation which uses a toothed tool called a broach to remove material. It can remove material from either the inside or outside of the workpiece depending on the position of the machine. Broaching machines usually push or pull the broaches and are either horizontal or vertical. It can produce parts with both a good surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Even though broaches can be expensive, broaching is usually favorable to other processes when used for high-quantity production runs. When the desired tool is not available we can allways wire erode instead, so no shape or size is impossible.

A typical use of a broach is to cut keyways on objects such as gears, driveshafts, pulleys etc. We can cut most sizes of rectangle keys and hundreds of different splines and serrations.

We have two horizontal broaching machines and four slotting machines to complement our broaching services at Hopwood Gear.

Even if we do not have a particular broach for a spline, we can always cut using in house Wire EDM techniques, nothing is impossible!

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