Gear Grinding

Gear grinding is a term which is used to finish the involute form on very accurate and normally hardened ground gears. This process is usually required when very quiet gears are required.

When a gear is heat treated there is a lot of movement in the material due to it being subjected to enormous heat, normally above 1000 degrees celcius. If the gears flanks are not ground after heat treatment then they will not be perfectly silent due to these irregularities.

We utilize our Klingelnberg CNC Gear checking machine to ensure perfect results every time when setting our gear grinding machinery and to give evidence of what is acheived by way of certified graphs.

Our graphs are tracable to NAMAS standards, so you are assured that if you want a certain specification of gear accuracy and our graph says it meets the criteria, then it is what it says it is.

We have a Reishaur gear grinding cell which utilizes 3 x Reishaur gear grinding machines. We can gear grind any pitch of gear from coarse pitches right down to fine instrument gears. We also have our own balancing machine to help us eliminate the finest errors which allows us to grind right up to DIN 4!

We have all of the experitse and knowledge at your disposal.

We specialize in precision engineered gears. It is our speciality. Our know how and facilitys are second to none!

For all your ground gear requirements contact us for more information.