Precision Grinding

CNC Grinding machine and CNC Engineering

We have 2 CNC grinding machine’s to complement our CNC machine facility

Jones and Shipman CNC Internal and external Cylindrical Grinding Machines

This machine has a turret with 3 spindles, 2 for external grinding and 1 for internal grinding. We grind 1.6 Metre between centers and 300mm diameter capacity

Studer S151 CNC Internal and external Cylindrical Grinding Machines

The S151 is a powerful, compactly designed machine whose wide working range facilitates internal and external grinding operations up to a diameter of 500 mm. The Studer machine is the most sought after cnc machining grinder on the market. The large accommodating capacity of the sturdy work head and the quadruple spindle turret open up wide areas of application, making the machine suitable for complete machining in one setup. Sub micron engineering is now achievable.

  • Slide with spindle holder for 4 grinding spindles
  • Swivel beam with swivelling range of -5/+30 deg
  • Frequency-controlled grinding spindles for external and internal grinding
  • Cross-slide concept for universal applications
  • CNC engineering machining is our speciality at Hopwood Gear Ltd