Wire Erosion

Wire eroding – specialist wire erosion services

Charmilles 440cc Cleancut Wire erosion machine

Powerful wire eroding machine to satisfy demanding high-speed machining with respect of surface integrity. Comply for requirements of complex and large workpieces in die manufacturing, aerospace, medical and other part productions. Wire erosion at its best.


Our Benchmark

  • › Surface integrity, no corrosion, no white layer, no micro-fissures, no cavities(Titanium, Carbide, PCD)
  • › Industrial high machining speed with automation
  • › Linear Glass Scales on all axis
  • › Expert System
  • › Versatile machine (taper, work piece weight, library of technologies)
  • If you require wire eroding performing then contact us with your requirements. We have the number one Wire eroder on the market.
  • Capable of producing complex gears and any spline you could ever want.
  • We cut all of our precision keyways on our wire machine to achieve perfect results every time