Gear Inspection

CNC Gear Inspection


Hopwood Gear ltd is a gear cutting company in the UK who can offer independent Gear Inspection from start to finish all under one roof. We have the very latest CMM Gear dedicated machine technology at our disposal.
Klingelnberg ZPK 260

This fully automatic CNC controlled gear measuring center has a work piece diameter range up to 400 mm. The measuring center is suitable for testing spur and helical gears and general deviations in dimension, form and location of rotation symmetrical work pieces.

Preparatory works for carrying out a measurement are extremely simple on this machine concept.
After switching on the measuring machine, the reference point is automatically accepted by individual measuring axes. Once the evaluating computer has read the program and data into the machine control, the measuring center is ready for use.
Where a new, a yet unknown work piece is to be tested, a measuring program must be provided prior to the automatic measuring cycle.

For repeat measurements of a work piece, activation of a stored measuring program by input of a work piece number is adequate.


CNC Gear Manufacturing

We specialize in CNC Gear Manufacturing. Our know how and facilitys are second to none!

We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. Please contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the product specifications.