Hopwood Gear Ltd: Gear Testing & Quality Assurance

The testing of a gear is an essential part of the process of providing quality, longer lasting gears. Using the excellent Klingelnberg CNC Gear checking machine, allows gear manufacturers to not only test the gears, it produces precision graphs to the NAMAS standard (National Accreditation of Measurement and Sampling). This gives both the manufacturer and the customer peace of mind that a gear has met the desired level of accuracy when the graph given by the Klingelnberg CNC Gear checking machine says it does. When you require the same gear specifications for repeat runs, the specifications are kept on the machine, which keeps the time of testing to the testing process only. To ensure that the testing is a fully rounded service, quality assurance guarantees are a quick and simple method of measuring a company’s ability.

A gear manufacturing company needs to be fully ISO9001 compliant as well as having a UKAS certificate. These prove the company has in place a strict line of quality testing throughout the manufacturing and service provision to their customers. At Hopwood Gears, these assurances are continually met and the company adheres to a strict quality control at every step of their work. To achieve this aim, Hopwood Gears has checks in place for it’s working practices, working processes and the people it employs. Knowing that every stage is constantly monitored, whilst investing in state-of-the-art machinery ensures their customers are confident when ordering on a large scale, or a time dependent scale.

Hopwood Gear’s 20,000 square feet facility is based in Oldham, a central North West of England town. This is an ideal location to provide next day delivery for most of the UK. Our extensive range of machinery means we are able to provide equipment for a diverse range of industries from gears less than an inch big to ones that would fill your entire office space.

For more information on the services available please visit out website:www.hopwoodgear.com, or we are always pleased to answer your queries over telephone: 01706 841154.

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