Hopwood Gear Ltd: Noise reducing gears

The use of gears can be traced back to ancient Greece, but it wasn’t until the birth of the industrial revolution that the use of machinery created a level of noise that was so extreme it caused physical problems to those working in them. In the USA a state bureau study into factory noise as late as the 1930s concluded that “it is not so much the intensity of the noise as the quality that is physically injurious to persons subjected to it.”

A culmination of studies associated with factory noises has led to a world wide effort to reduce the harm noise causes to those working in them. As a consequence, legislation now demands lower levels of noise in the working environment. This means the manufacturers of gears have not only created different designs to reduce the noise, they have researched the different materials that help to reduce noise in the machines being used.

Where noise reduction is needed, the materials used are often synthetics such as nylon or compressed paper. Another way in which noise can be reduced is by using a helical gear. These gears have the teeth angled to the axis. This has the benefit of reducing noise, which is particularly necessary where the machinery is subject to noise abatement laws. Choosing the right materials and types of gear is a specialist job and talking to reputable company will provide you with the best information for making your choice.

Hopwood Gears Ltd has been making a wide array of gears for 30 years and are always willing to spend time discussing the exact nature of your requirements. Hopwood Gear’s 20,000 square feet facility is based in Oldham, a central North West of England town. This is an ideal location to provide next day delivery for most of the UK. Our extensive range of machinery means we are able to provide equipment for a diverse range of industries from gears less than an inch big to ones that would fill your entire office space.

For more information on the services available please visit out website:www.hopwoodgear.com, or we are always pleased to answer your queries over telephone: 01706 841154.

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