Hopwood Gear Ltd: Types of Gears

There are a multitude of different types of gears used in our everyday lives. These range from gears small enough to fit inside a delicate watch mechanism, to those that are bigger than an average family home. More technically known as a gear wheel, due to the shape of most gears, a gear is a rotating machine with cogs (or teeth) that interlock with other gears to transfer energy (or torque) from one part of a machine to another. The use of gears go back to Ancient Greece in the 3rd Century BC.

The most typical gear, which people will often imagine when thinking of them, is the ‘spur gear’. The spur gear has a teeth ranged around the edge that interlock with other gears to transfer the energy. It is a simple disk that would have been originally made out of wood, but now can be made from a huge range of materials depending on the application it is needed for. Another popular gear is the helical gear. These gears have the teeth angled to the axis and are often used because their design reduces the noise created when two gears interact.

More specialised gears include the non-circular gear which again is excellent at transmitting torque quietly, and the rack gear that is used to convert torque to a linear force. Choosing the right materials and types of gear is a specialist job and talking to reputable company will provide you with the best information for making your choice. Hopwood Gears Ltd has been making a wide array of gears for 30 years and are always willing to spend time discussing the exact nature of your requirements.

Hopwood Gear’s 20,000 square feet facility is based in Oldham, a central North West of England town. This is an ideal location to provide next day delivery for most of the UK. Our extensive range of machinery means we are able to provide equipment for a diverse range of industries from gears less than an inch big to ones that would fill your entire office space.

For more information on the services available please visit out website:www.hopwoodgear.com, or we are always pleased to answer your queries over telephone: 01706 841154.

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