Apprentice Matthew Haughton

matt haughton apprentice at hopwood gears


Name: Matthew

Age: 19

School: Royton & Crompton

Further Education: Maths and Science at Sixth form/ Motorsport Tech at University

Passions: Karting

Ambitions: Formula 1 Driver

If you were a superhero who would you be? Superman


When did you decide on engineering and how did you get involved with the engineering apprenticeship programme?
Through karting, I loved working on the karts and preferred to be more hands on. Whereas Motorsport Tech was more about the design aspect.
What did you study at school to qualify in engineering?
Studied Science and Maths at Sixth Form and Motorsport Tech at Uni.
What kind of projects does your apprenticeship enable you to become involved in?
I get to be more hands on with the machines and train on various machines and materials.
What help and support do you receive as an apprentice?
Daily mentoring from Andy.
Have you gained any further education qualifications after leaving school?
Maths and Science A levels and currently on day release at OTC studying my NVQ in Engineering.
Do you think your apprenticeship will set you in good stead for your current and future career?
What do you think you would be doing if you were not in engineering?
Probably carried on and done another year at university.
What did you want to do when you left school?
Work on cars
How easy did you find the transition from school to a working environment?
Quite easy as I had to have a job while studying at university so it gave me a good work ethic.
What Machine are you currently manning and training on:
Center Lathe Machine