The Apprentices

Here at Hopwood Gears we are always looking how we can help invest in the future not just for the company but for future generations. We wanted to put the skills we have learnt from previous generations of great engineers who have retired to good use for the future of our business and engineering in the UK in general. We have always had apprentices for as long as I can remember. I started here 33 years ago as an apprentice!

We try to take on at least 1 to 2 apprentices every year. Some leave us for whatever reason but the cream as I say always rises to the top and the very best apprentices end up earning a substantial wage.

We currently have 3 apprentices out of 41 total workshop employees we wanted to put the skills into Oldham which are used worldwide to make precision gears. Our business has never looked back and year on year we have apprentices graduating into fully skilled engineers, which is what we need to keep our business going.

What makes our apprenticeship different from any training school / college is the fact that our apprentices get to learn / train on very expensive high end gear machines, something that training schools do not offer.

I’ve been MD for the last 15 years and over that period alone I have seen plenty of people come and go but we have a great nucleus and it is made up of a core of engineers who all started here as apprentices!

Meet our Current Apprentices:

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