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To understand how precision engineering companies design and manufacture gears you need to speak to them directly. Every project is different: with differing materials, timescales, and equipment. This is even more important when you need gear cutting at a sub micron level.
With some types of precision engineering specialist clean rooms, which are temperature-controlled, are required for the more advanced machines. A clean room allows gear cutting at sub micron accuracy because it eliminates sub-micron airborne contaminants.
When working on precision machining, it is evident that even the smallest (microscopic) amounts of particle contaminants will ruin the surface of the gear, creating a defect that, though minute, is sufficient to reduce the work of the precision engineering company less than useless.
This is why a clean room is required at all precision engineering companies of any worth. Their gear cutting ability is severely reduced if they do not offer this service and it is a reflection of their commitment to their industry, if they do not have at least one clean room.
The severe impact of a sub micron particle was graphically shown when the NASA Hubble Space Telescope was compromised by a particle not bigger than 0.5 microns. It is easy to understand that this will seriously effect delicate machinery.
Contaminants are difficult to contain unless the room is specifically designed to be a clean room. They range from skin flakes, cosmetics and perfume, lint, clothing fibres, air conditioning debris, hair, lubricants, paint, spittle, bacteria, cleaning chemicals… the list is endless. Understanding how this can ruin a gear cutting run will meant he difference between perfect gear cutting and a total waste of time and money.
If you are searching for a gear cutting in Manchester, of the precision engineering companies in the area the one that takes their clean room technology very seriously is Hopwood Gear. At Hopwood they have a Swiss precision clean room which houses two advanced machines: the Studer S151 grinding machine and the Charmilles robofill 440CC wire erosion machine -which cuts to sub micron accuracy. The Charmilles is connected to the internet so can be controlled from remote locations.

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