Ten facts about Helical Gear

  1. The angled way in which teeth are cut for helical gears means they are a quieter gear than the spur gears.
  2. The angle cut to the face of the gear creates a more gradual engagement of the gears and are found in almost all car transmissions.
  3. Again, the angle means they have a higher load capacity because there is more of a surface contact between two gears.
  4. With the right alignment of the angle of the helical gear, they can rotate at an angle of 90 degrees.
  5. Where a spur gear is great for low speed applications, a helical gear can be used at high speed.
  6. There is an issue with thrust when using a helical gear. This can be overcome with additives in the lubricant, or thrust washers.
  7. When a helical gear is used in non-parallel shafts, it is more commonly known as crossed axis helical gears, or spiral gears.
  8. There are right handed and left handed helical gears. The difference can been seen by placing the gear on a flat surface; the teeth of the gears will lean to the left or right.
  9. There are single and double helical gears. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Improper materials will lead to helical gears wearing unevenly, creating pitting which high speed usage will exacerbate.
When you need to source the best helical gear manufacturer, consider whether the manufacturer is using state-of-the-art equipment and materials suited to the machinery you will be using it in.
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